Thursday, April 18, 2013

Volunteering at The Boys Schools

Well, part of the reason I work only part time is to be able to spend time at the different schools to help for things that are needed.  I am not one of those Moms that are there every day (no time for that) or involved in every single thing.  I see those Moms, and I usually say hello, maybe make small talk, and keep walking.  "Ain't nobody got time fo dat",  as a wise lady once said (Sweet Brown).  I do however, have time to help for specific things, when it appears no one else is stepping forward, I do.  Or if it rings high on my interest scale, I do.  If the boys want me involved in a particular thing at school, I try to make time for it.  I am perfectly happy to do it.  Usually.  Until I regret it.

The Oldest is in 8th grade.  His school/PTA usually plans a big 8th Grade Celebration and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be involved and help.  For lots of reasons, but mainly, because I just felt it.  Long story short, I am now involved.  Let's just say there is a lot of red tape involved with the schools and PTA.  If a person was only half hearted about wanting to help, by now, they would have said 'forget it'.  I'm not so half hearted; I'm pretty FULL hearted.  Though someone else would have walked away, here I am sticking in there and I JUST GOT INVOLVED a few days ago.  Already thinking, what in the world? Doesn't matter, I'm going through with it.  Donations and solicitations, here I come.

Some Mom's are Presidents and Vice Presidents of the PTA and they do other stuff on other committees too PLUS they work full time and have multiple kids.  Kudos to them!  I do not say that lightly.  I mean it.  Having said that, I know that it's not for me.  Can't do it.  I refuse to do that to myself.  I will help where I can and try to remain sane.  Too much going on in my brain.  I probably have helped out more than most, but certainly not more than some.  Make sense?
I've helped with Carnivals and run BookFairs and volunteered in classrooms more times that I can count.  I am on a first name basis with every child in the Littlest' classroom and know all of their personalities pretty well by now.  They are adorable and I have come to love them.  But I'm glad I'm only there one day a week for two hours.  Translation; I do what I can.  Could I do more?  Maybe.  But I like balance.  I have to find balance.  If I added more to my plate, I could not handle the imbalance.

So I'll deal with the red tape and do my little job with donations and try to help make the Oldests' 8th Grade Celebration (8GC) the best it can be in my own little way.  Not to mention I am working together with a friend on this subcommittee so there you go; even easier.  It is volunteering after all; we aren't getting paid to do it so I won't let myself get stressed over it.  Roll, roll, roll.  Rolling down the road of life.

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Anonymous said...

Do it,face it and enjoy while they are young...